Akrobatik på Gamla Uppsala högar. Foto: Niklas Lundengård
Uppsala slott sett från Svandammen. Foto: Niklas Lundengård
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Uppsala is a beautiful city with lots to discover, not least about culture, history and learning.

Uppsala offers the facilities and pulse of a big city, plus the pleasure of small-town intimacy and tranquillity. Stroll along the beautiful green waterside of Årummet, relax in one of the city’s cafés or marvel at the cathedral, a part of Uppsala’s rich history and just one of the city's exciting attractions.

Discover Gamla Uppsala, which has traces of the Vikings and their forefathers, the Nordic region’s oldest university, Linnaeus’s home and garden, and much more. Bustling shopping streets offer a mix of modern shopping malls, charming smaller shops, restaurants and bars. Outside the city centre there is a wide range of openair recreation areas, cultural treasures and shopping centres.

Uppsala also offers a variety of events, from major concerts and sporting events to smaller exhibitions and shows. Uppsala’s other attractions include Sweden’s biggest night of culture and more than twenty major national and international competitions each year.

For more information about sights and accommodations, visit www.destinationuppsala.se/en/

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24 August 2015