Linnaeus Uppsala

Linnéträdgården och orangeriet. Foto: Paulina Bengtsson / Destination Uppsala
Besökare utanför Linnémuseet. Foto: Paulina Bengtsson / Destination Uppsala
Linnéträdgården. Foto: Paulina Bengtsson / Destination Uppsala
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The botanist’s great achievements.

Inside the gates of Svartbäcksgatan 27 lies Linnaeus's own botanical garden – an oasis of greenery in central Uppsala. Linnéträdgården was laid out in about 1655. Today, about 1,300 plants are grown there. The beds are arranged in accordance with Linnaeus’ sexual system.

Professorsbostaden (the professor’s residence), also the home of Linnaeus (1707–1778), is now a museum displaying the famous botanist’s great scientific achievements. The building dates from the 1700s, and holds original furniture, clothing, fabrics and china.

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Uppsala Linneanska trädgårdar
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