Örbyhus Castle

Örbyhus slott. Foto: Kalbar
Örbyhus organgeri. Foto: Kalbar
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Golf and chamber music in Örbyhus Castle.

The beautiful castle situated on Vendelsjön was built by King Gustav Vasa’s grandfather. During the 1500s, it was a fortress of the realm in northern Uppland. It was here that King Erik XIV ate the pea soup that poisoned him.

In summer, you can listen to classical chamber music in the Orangery. The castle grounds also have a very beautiful and challenging 18-hole golf course with restaurant, hotel and youth hostel.

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Örbyhus Slott
Address: Örbyhus Slott,
748 95 Örbyhus
Phone: +46 295 203 00

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17 September 2015