Cultural treasures

Wiks slott. Foto: Vasilis Theodorou
Försäljning av nyskördad vid Disagården
Upplandsmuseet en vårdag
Föregående Nästa
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It all began in Uppland. When Svea rike (the Kingdom of Svea) emerged during the Iron Age, our ancestors must have been keen not to be forgotten, because they left traces everywhere.

Wik – a cultural site with ancient roots.

Wik Castle is Sweden’s best-preserved medieval castle, dating back to the 1200s. The setting is one of great natural beauty, redolent of history. That history is still being written, because today the castle and the folk high school next door are used extensively for choral festivals, harvest festivals, conferences and courses in the arts.

In summer, you can take a tour of Wiks slott (Wik Castle), and the castle café is open. The extensive nature park has numerous paths, including routes suitable for wheelchairs. Enjoy the flowers and plants in the castle’s well-kept gardens and take a dip at the popular bathing spot.

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Upplandsmuseet – Rich cultural history in the middle of the river Fyrisån

Upplandsmuseet is the county museum of Uppsala County. The museum is housed in Akademikvarnen, (Academy mill) dating from the 1760s and situated in the middle of the river Fyrisån. It stages both temporary and permanent exhibitions, programmes and tours. Displays reveal the city’s history in ”Vårt Uppsala” (Our Uppsala), and 5000 years of Uppland’s past in ”Tiden i rummet” (Time and Space).


Disagården – Living rural history

Disagården is an open-air museum that gives you an insight into how country people lived during the late 1800s. The houses and farms are decorated just as they looked then. The large green area has a herb garden and various native breeds of animals. The open-air museum is located on the outskirts of Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala), behind Uppsala högar (royal burial mounds) and Gamla Uppsala church.


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16 September 2015