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Siluetter. Foto: Jan Andersson
Varggropen vid Vendelsjön. Foto: Åsa Sjögren
Föregående Nästa
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Experience the province where south and north, sea and countryside meet.

In ”The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”, Selma Lagerlöf describes pitiful, impoverished and dreary Uppland. One day, the province picked up a beggar’s staff and set off for those who were better off…

Uppland was given a bit of clay plain from Skåne, bare skerries from Halland and small rivers from Västergötland. Västmanland donated ridges, Småland filled the sack with bogland and cairns, Dalarna gave away a stretch of the river Dalälven and Södermanland contributed bays from Lake Mälaren. And in the end, all these gifts made Uppland so rich that it became one of Sweden’s most favoured provinces.

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The Uppland Trail
Discover Uppland in an easy and relaxing way on the Uppland Trail.

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Tips & Information
Biotopia in Uppsala is the county’s hub for nature information.

16 September 2015