Enköping's parks

Drömparken i sensommarskrud
Föregående Nästa
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People come from far and wide to experience Enköping’s parks. There is much to discover, and each park has its own character. 

Enköping has around twenty parks, so allow plenty of time for strolling around. The best-known is Drömparken (the Dream Park), created by world-renowned garden designer Piet Oudolf. The park has tall firework-like grasses and perennials in delightful shades.

The pocket parks are scattered like small oases offering you peace and quiet amidst the greenery. Many varieties of magnolias and bulbs flower in the spring. In summer there are hundreds of species of flowering perennials. The autumn sees vividly coloured shrubs and trees. Enköping offers experiences throughout the year.

Discover the city of Enköping

Around Stora Torget market square and along the surrounding streets there are numerous charming little shops offering a range of exciting products, and pleasant pavement cafés and restaurants with various specialities.

You can enjoy eating an ice cream to the sound of water playing in the square’s magnificent fountain. Enköping Museum and Tourist Office, open throughout the year, is just a stone’s throw from Stora Torget.

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Enköping Tourist Information
Address: Rådhusgatan 3
745 31 Enköping
Phone: +46 171 625 040
E-mail: turism@enkoping.se

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