Forsmark parks

Forsmarks bruksmuseum. Foto: Elin Bergqvist
Vägen mot Forsmarks kyrka. Foto: Kalbar
Föregående Nästa
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The idyllic English Park at Forsmark is one of Sweden’s best-preserved. It was created by Samuel af Ugglas, who bought the ironworks in the late 1700s. 

Engelska parken (English park) was modelled on nature, and is a place for contemplation and romance. Its winding paths, water, broadleaf trees, meadows and sculptures make it the ideal spot for a picnic and just enjoying nature. There are limes from the 1700s, irises and the medicinal plant butterbur, introduced into Sweden by monks in the 1300s.

Adjacent to the manor house there is also an older park in the French style. The af Uggla family spent much of their summers here. The park is laid out according to strict geometrical designs, with regular symmetry and topiary hedging. At the centre of the park is a fountain, Vattenkonsten. Roses of every imaginable kind flourish here.

Welcome to stroll in our beautiful parks, all year round.

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16 September 2015