Linnaeus’ Hammarby

Fårhage vid Linnés Hammarby. Foto: Tobias Enefalk / Destination Uppsala
Linnés Hammarby. Foto: Tobias Enefalk
Besökare framför Linnés bostadshus. Foto: Tobias Enefalk / Destination Uppsala
Besökare i Linnés Hammarby. Foto: Tobias Enefalk / Destination Uppsala
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The unique 1700s setting of Linnaeus’ Hammarby, Linnaeus’ summer residence, is a verdant tourist attraction south of Uppsala. It is one of the most authentically preserved 1700s estates. Linnaeus’ personal life and his scientific achievements are reflected here. 

Today, as in the 1700s, visitors are fascinated by the illustrations of flowers on the walls of his study and bedroom. Many of the plants grown by Linnaeus himself, such as Scopolia from Slovenia and rock cinquefoil from Siberia, thrive in the leafy park. From the top of the hill you can enjoy the view and think yourself back to the landscape of the 1700s.

The cultural reserve around the farm includes hop and vegetable gardens, woodland, meadows and areas of arable land that are farmed according to the old ways. The nature and cultural trails invite you on journeys of discovery throughout the year.

Special event days are held when you can buy vegetables harvested from the vegetable garden. You can also help out with clearing meadows in the spring and hay-making, try out carding and dyeing wool, see how sheep are shorn or learn more about apples.

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Uppsala Linneanska trädgårdar
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16 September 2015