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Lövstabruks herrgård
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Lövstabruk’s authentic 1700s setting makes it a popular attraction. Once Sweden’s largest ironworks, it dates back to the 1500s. The first garden was a Renaissance garden laid out in the Dutch manner by the de Geer family in the second half of the 1600s. 

The style of today’s Lövstabruk Park comes from the baroque, with strictly geometrical shapes, topiary hedges and a rippling fountain. Lövstabruk Mansion Park was recreated by Walter Bauer in 1970-1971 based on drawings from 1769.

You can stroll in the park all year round, and in spring and summer you can buy Lövstabruk’s own pelargonium from the nursery, Lövstabruks Trädgårdsmästeri.

The park is managed by the National Property Board Sweden.

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Lövstabruks Tourist Information
Address: Stora magasinet,
81966 Lövstabruk
Phone: +46 294 31070
E-mail: info@leufsta.se

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