The Knowledge Garden

The Knowledge Garden, Kunskapsparken, outside Uppsala is a room for recreation and inspiration – open to everyone. It is a demonstration garden for science and research, but all are welcome to visit the park all year round.

The Knowledge Garden consists of four parts: The town, the garden, the park and cultivation. In the garden part you can find rare species like tobacco and grapes, but also medicinal plants, summer flowers and hedges.

In the park part you can also try out around thirty different types of park benches, walk on different pavement stones and study varieties of espaliers. During the warm season lectures are given on topics such as compost, garden flowers, bumble bees and fruit trees.

The Knowledge Garden works in the spirit of Linnaeus by being an active, living park working on transferring of knowledge. The Swedish Agricultural University develops knowledge about everything that lives and grows in our nature. The Knowledge park is a meeting point for researchers, students and those interested in gardening.

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Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
Address: Almas Allé 11,
756 51 Uppsala
Phone: +46 18 671 000

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16 September 2015