The Linnaeus Garden

Linnéträdgården och orangeriet. Foto: Paulina Bengtsson / Destination Uppsala
Besökare utanför Linnémuseet. Foto: Paulina Bengtsson / Destination Uppsala
Linnéträdgården. Foto: Paulina Bengtsson / Destination Uppsala
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Uppsala University’s first Botanical Garden lies behind a green fence in central Uppsala. The garden is a reconstruction of Linnaeus’ Botanical Garden as it was in the mid 1700s. 

In his own garden, Linnaeus observed nature’s seasonal changes among the dazzling flowerbeds, formal hedges, marshes and ponds. He made scientific observations and taught students here. Each section of the garden had a purpose, and each plant was carefully chosen on educational grounds. You are closest to his scientific achievements in his garden, where more than 1,000 species are cultivated in accordance with his sexual system. 

The Linnaeus museum

Linnaeus’ family furniture and household items are preserved in the Linnaeus museum, the house that was his professorial residence. The feeling of stepping straight into the 1700s is palpable.

Linnaeus sat in his room here, writing his scientific works and reading letters from friends and colleagues who sent him plants and seeds from all corners of the globe. His library gave him a view of the garden and enabled him to monitor the proper care of the garden and its plants.

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Uppsala Linneanska trädgårdar
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16 September 2015