Vikings and their ancestors

Runsten på Gamla Uppsala museum. Foto: Xulio Gonzalez
Gamla Uppsala museum. Foto: Xulio Gonzalez
Utställningen "Valsgärde" på Museum Gustavianum. Foto: Niklas Lundengård
Gamla Uppsala i höstfärger. Foto: Niklas Lundengård
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More than a thousand years ago, Vikings and their forefathers lived in Uppland. They lived on estates and farmsteads, cultivated the land and traded. And some of them made long, and sometimes renowned, journeys. 

The Vikings left traces – sometimes small and barely perceptible, sometimes very clear– in scenic locations. And you can meet them here in Uppland. The powerful landowner in Vendel, Ulf the merchant in Valsgärde, Grimsa the rich Viking chieftain’s daughter at Broborg, Andvett in Varpsund and Torgerd the Viking woman in Gamla Uppsala.

Through guided tours, exhibitions and mobile apps, they talk about themselves, the Viking Age and their forefathers. You will learn why they set out on their Viking expeditions, why they carved runestones and what they believed about death.


Learn more about the Vikings and their forefathers

Gamla Uppsala museum
The museum displays priceless finds from the archaeological site. Acquaint yourself with the myths that have been spun around this place for centuries. Models, slides, and audio stories reveal details about Viking Age sacrifice and the golden heathen temple.

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Museum Gustavianum
Museum Gustavianum displays swords and garnetencrusted helmets in its exhibition “Valsgärde. Vendeltid-Vikingatid” (Valsgärde: Vendel Period-Viking Age).

The Uppland County Museum presents its exhibition “Tiden i rummet – människor i Uppland under 5 000 år” (Time and Space – People in Uppland over 5,000 years)”.

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Enköpings museum
Enköpings museum presents “Gryningsland”, an exhibition on prehistory giving an insight into people’s everyday lives and cults.

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24 August 2015